In all hair styles with braids, there are multiple strands of hair twisted around each other. The styles vary in

The simplest approach to braiding is to select three separate strands of hair at the very start, and then twist these around each other. Most women who like braids can braid their own hair this way, and it comes out looking great. In more complicated styles of braids, you usually need to select new sections of hair as you are going along. You'll sometimes encounter styles where it's very hard to be successful braiding your own hair. You'll need another person.

It's important to focus on symmetry. If the style has three equal strands, spend some effort at getting the same amount of hair in each of the three. This becomes easier with practice. There are also symmetry concerns in the dynamics. You need to pull on each strand equally. The angle at which one strand crosses another should be always the same.

Women enjoy braids for a variety of reasons. An intricate woven pattern can accentuate the beauty of your hair. There are functional reasons, too -- your hair stays in place and doesn't get in the way of whatever activity you are pursuing. You can have a long hair style for times when you'd like your hair to flow naturally, and also have a more compact hair style for times when that is more convenient or more compatible with your workplace environment.

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